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Important Note - All the words on the application form highlighted in blue are clickable and will bring up additional guidance on how to answer that particular question and to understand why we need to know the information. 


Closing Dates


31 January

30 April

31 July

31 October


Please note these closing dates are for the submission of Stage 2 of the Application form. Stage 1 should be completed as early as possible in order to allow time for completion of the main form.


Any application that is not complete or that has any issues after the closing date will not be considered at the following meeting. You are strongly advised to submit your Stage 2 application far in advance of the closing date to ensure that any issues with your application can be resolved before the closing date.


Please check out the news section of our website for the latest on our £300,000 Jubilee Legacy Project


Altazimuth Pavilion at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich

South London Gallery, Fire Station, Peckham