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Important Note - All the words on the application form highlighted in blue are clickable and will bring up additional guidance on how to answer that particular question and to understand why we need to know the information. 


Closing Dates


31 January

30 April

31 July

31 October


Please note these closing dates are for the submission of Stage 2 of the Application form. Stage 1 should be completed as early as possible in order to allow time for completion of the main form.


Any application that is not complete or that has any issues after the closing date will not be considered at the following meeting. You are strongly advised to submit your Stage 2 application far in advance of the closing date to ensure that any issues with your application can be resolved before the closing date. 


Altazimuth Pavilion at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich

South London Gallery, Fire Station, Peckham


What is the name of the Main Contact for this project?

In Stage 1 we need to know the name of the Main Applicant. This will be the main contact for all correspondence relating to your application. We need to know your position within the organisation, postal address, telephone numbers and email address.

If your application progresses to Stage 2 we will also need a secondary contact.

The main and secondary contacts are the only people with whom Viridor Credits is able to discuss your project. Please ensure that the person who is named as the main contact will be available during the weeks after the application is processed. Most communication from Viridor Credits will be by email so check your inbox regularly. If we request further information and none is received by the deadline given your application will automatically be declined.

What is the name of the applying organisation?

This is the organisation which will take legal responsibility, and will sign the Funding Agreement for the project, if the application is successful.

This organisation must own the land or have a signed lease in place of at least 10 years and must be responsible for the day to day management of the site and upkeep of the facility.



What is a constituted group?

To access funding from Viridor Credits, a community group must be properly constituted. People coming together to form a community or voluntary organisation to pursue objectives in which they have an interest will usually have a written agreement between the organisation and its members. This is frequently referred to as the organisation’s constitution.

There are usually a set of rules that govern any organisation and this can simply be a short statement with a few clauses but could also run to many pages and clauses. The basic issues which are likely to be covered by a constitution are:

Purposes and Objects. In simple terms this is a statement of why the organisation exists. The objects should be distinguished from powers.

Powers. These relate to the organisation's internal administration such as the ability to borrow money, employ staff and the like.

Membership. A constitution should clearly state who is eligible to become a member and any qualifications that may be required.

Structure of Board/Management Committee. This section covers a whole series of issues. Normally those involved in the management or control of the organisation will have been elected or nominated in which case procedures for such appointments should be included in the constitution. Provisions detailing the actual powers and authority which the members have delegated to those in management or control will usually be included.

Is the applicant organisation a registered charity or an Environmental Body?

If you are a registered charity please let us know. We need to know your charity number too.

A registered Environmental Body (EB) is an organisation that is enrolled with our regulator in England, ENTRUST. An EB will been allocated an EB registration number. An organisation will normally need to register as an EB because it receives and manages LCF funds, but it may also have registered as an EB because it was a requirement of a previous LCF funder. We do not require applicants to register as an EB. Please visit ENTRUST for more information. An Approved Body (AB) is an organisation enrolled with our regulator in Scotland, visit SEPA for more information. Unfortunately, we are unable to fund any organisation that is registered as an AB in Scotland.

Being registered as an EB has no bearing on the likelihood of being successful with your application. We need to know because of minor differences in our internal administration of EB and non-EB applications.

Viridor Credits will not fund any project that has already been registered with ENTRUST.

If you are registered as an EB please select "Yes" and complete this page. If you are not registered as an EB please select "NO" and click on "Next".

What is the title of your project?

Please create a short project title of your own choosing. This must include the project location and the aim of the project. For example, Thornbury Village Hall - Kitchen Refurbishment.

What is my nearest qualifying active Viridor landfill or ERF site?

Your project site must fall within ten miles of an active Viridor landfill or ERF location. The postcode checker on our website allows you to easily see whether your project location falls within a funding area. If you haven't already checked please press the Save and Exit button at the bottom of the application form page and go to our main website at Under the section 'Get started on your Application', put the postcode of your project site into the box and press "Find". This will tell you if you are eligible for LCF funds for a Community or Heritage project in England.

If you are within 10 miles of an ERF site you will only be eligible to apply for up to £50,000.

If you are applying via the Pennon Environmental Fund then you will be eligible to apply for up to £20,000.

If you are applying for a project in Taunton then you may apply for up to £20,000.

If your project is in Scotland your project must be located within 10 miles of any active landfill site or transfer station which processes more than 2,500 tonnes of waster per annum in Scotland. Just tell us that you are in Scotland and we will check for you.

For funding for a Biodiversity project your site must be within 10 miles of ANY active landfill site. Again, we can check this for you.

The current active Viridor Landfill sites are at:

North Region - Erin and Pilsworth with ERF sites at Runcorn, Bolton and Peterborough.

South West Region - Dimmer, Walpole, Heathfield and Broadpath with an ERF site at Exeter.

South East Region - Shelford, Beddington and Masons with an ERF site at Ardley.

We calculate the distance as the crow flies.

Who owns the project site?

If you do not own the project site, there must be a current lease in place between the applicant organisation and the site owners that has a minimum of 10 years left to run at the time of application. We are unable to consider a 'Heads of Terms'' or a Licence or any other document in place of a secured lease.

Briefly describe your project

Please provide a brief description of the overall project being undertaken at the project site.

Whether Viridor Credits funding is intended to contribute part of the finance towards a much larger project or be the only source of funding, please provide a narrative description of the overall project. 

We will also need to know the specific elements of the project for which Viridor Credits funding would be used.

Is there a membership scheme in place?

If you don't have a membership scheme in place click on the 'No' box. If you do then we need to see a copy of this. This must include all the following details:

  • Who can join?
  • If there is a charge to become a member what the annual subscription is.
  • How does one join?
  • Are there any restrictions on who can join?
  • Can members of the public use the facility without becoming members?

In order to be eligible for funding, membership must be open to all members of the general public. If your organisation asks for prospective members to be proposed or seconded in, Viridor Credits would not consider your organisation's membership to be open to all.

What is the total project cost?

For Stage 1 we need to know roughly the total cost of the entire project. This should include any items which you are not asking Viridor Credits to fund. Your overall project cost should not include the Contributing Third Party Payment but it should include any preliminaries, fees and contingencies.

In Scotland, Viridor Credits will not consider any project where the total cost is greater than £100,000.

We also need to know how roughly how much funding you will be able to secure yourselves. If you are approaching Viridor Credits to be the sole funder and to fund all of the cost please put £0.00 in the secured funding box.

Whilst we are able to consider funding 100% of a project the steering group may look more favourably on applicants who have carried out fundraising or who have submitted applications to other grant making organisations.

Viridor Credits can only consider funding capital costs. There are certain elements which we absolutely cannot fund such as professional fees, preliminaries, staff costs or contingencies. We also cannot pay deposits or any upfront payments.

If you are able to recover VAT then we will not pay the VAT element of any project cost. If VAT is not recoverable then you may include VAT in the amount requested.

Viridor Credits will base any funding on the lowest of the three quotations which you will be asked to supply in Stage 2. This is to ensure that the project provides value for money.


Some applicants may be able to recover VAT. Also, VAT may be recoverable or exempt for certain types of projects (for example, work to the fabric of a listed building may not be liable to a VAT charge).

You must check the VAT status of the applying organisation and the project before completing your application form.

Viridor Credits will not pay the VAT element of any project costs if VAT is recoverable at a later date. If you are sure that VAT is recoverable for your project, do not include VAT in the amount requested from Viridor Credits.

If VAT is not recoverable you may include the amount of any unrecoverable VAT in the amount of funding requested from Viridor Credits.

For churches and religious buildings we treat the Listed Places of Worship grant scheme in the same way as a VAT reclaim.

What are the anticipated start and end dates for your project?

The project start date is when you anticipate drawing down funding for the aspect(s) of the project you are asking Viridor Credits to fund. These elements must be underway by the start date. No Viridor Credits-funded aspects of your project can begin until all paperwork is signed and returned to us and your project has been approved by Entrust (or SEPA for Scottish projects). It will always be advisable to allow between 2 and 4 weeks from the date of the Steering Group/Board meeting to begin your project. Your start date must also comply with the timescales of the Funding Scheme for which you are applying.

Main Grant Scheme and Pennon Environtmental Fund projects are to be started within six months and completed within twelve months.

Large Grant Scheme projects between six and eighteen months.

Scotland Scheme projects are to be started within six months and completed within twelve months.

Failure to comply with these deadlines could lead to the withdrawal of funding.

Who will manage and maintain the facility?

It is essential that the facility will be run by the applicant, who must either own the site or have a minimum of a 10 year lease in place. There must also be a Management and Maintenance plan in place so that we can be sure that the facility will be looked after for the foreseeable future. The Management and Maintenance plan tells us how you plan to look after your facility once the project is complete. That means we will expect you to make sure that the work we have funded is kept in good condition. 

The relevant insurance(s) must also be in place at the time of application.

What is the social, built and/or natural environment?

Improvements to a village hall kitchen may increase the number of visitors to the hall, resulting in an improvement to the social environment of the community by encouraging more people to socialise with each other.

Coppicing a natural woodland to encourage ground-level plant species to flourish would improve the natural environment.

Recladding a sports pavilion so that it is both structurally sound and better aesthetically would be an example of an improvement to the built environment. If this will also increase membership of the sports club, then this would also improve the social environment.

Is planning permission or any other form of consent required?

Please give details of any permissions or consents that are required and information relating to the progress of obtaining any required permissions or consents.

All permissions relating to project works must be granted before applying to Viridor Credits. Delays in obtaining your permissions will result in the withdrawal of your application. 

What is the CTP payment and who can be a Contributing Third Party?

The Contributing Third Party (CTP) payment is a transaction between a third party (that is neither the applicant organisation nor Viridor Credits) and Viridor Waste Management.

The amount is based on 10% of the amount awarded and is the sum payable by the Contributing Third Party to Viridor Waste Management.

Applicants must identify their Contributing Third Party provider prior to applying, and it must be paid within one month of any offer of funding from Viridor Credits.

Anyone can pay the CTP providing they do not gain a unique benefit from the project. Below is a list of examples of organisations who may pay the CTP

  • Private Companies
  • Public Sector organisations - Local Authorities, County Councils
  • Charities
  • Voluntary Organisations
  • Private Donors
  • Monies from fundraising - this can be paid from the applicant bank account but all the donors must be aware that the money will be paid to Viridor Waste Management and we will need a letter to this effect

Who is excluded from being a Contributing Third Party?

  • Any individual or organisation directly connected to the landfill operator, Viridor, or a contractor of the project
  • Any indivdual or organisation who gains a unique benefit from the project
  • Other Environmental Bodies - see guidance from ENTRUST. For further information visit
  • Legacies cannot be used to pay the CTP


Can an Environmental Body fundraise to find the Contributing Third Party payment?

 An Environmental Body (EB) is allowed to fundraise the Contributing Third Party (CTP) payment provided that it is made clear to each person at the time they make their contribution that the money will be paid to a Landfill Operator (LO) to secure Landfill Communities Fund funding for the EB. In such cases the people making the contribution will be the CTPs and they should make direct payment to the LO whenever possible. The EB is permitted to act as an intermediary for the CTP payment where it is not practical for each CTP to pay the LO direct. The EB will need to contact us to obtain approval before acting as an intermediary, and in every case must keep the CTP payments separate from their own funds as the CTP contributions do not belong to the EB. Where the EB has used fundraising, the EB should record the names and addresses of the individual CTPs where possible (and particularly where there are large individual payments). Where this is not possible then the name and date of the fundraising event may be given as the CTP. The EB should keep this record in its own project files which will be checked during a Compliance visit. Please see the Guidance Manual or contact ENTRUST for more information on the requirements where the CTP payment comes from fundraising.  

Describe the source of secured funds

This is where you must list all of the funding towards the overall project cost which is not being requested from Viridor Credits. This includes monies from your organisation's own funds or funding secured from fundraising/donations. If you are approaching Viridor Credits to be the sole funder and to fund all of the project costings please leave blank. Secured funds must refer to funding for which you have already received written confirmation and we need to know where the funding has come from. You must provide evidence of confirmation of funding from other grant-making bodies.

Please note that we will also need to know in Part 6 how you intend on funding any shortfall. This will include outstanding grant applications you will or have made to other organisations.

List how you specifically intend to use any funds awarded by Viridor Credits

If your project is to refurbish an entire village hall you must list the items you would like Viridor Credits to fund. For example new flooring, LED lighting, entrance ramp etc. These items must be clearly listed here and for each item we require three 'like for like' quotations.

Viridor Credits is also able to consider funding 'money in the pot' projects (for example a masonry project costs £300,000 and you already have £250,000 funding secured from other sources. You therefore need £50,000 from Viridor Credits). However, your application may be viewed more favourably by the Steering Group, if they know which specific element(s) you would like us to fund. Instead of asking to add money to the pot you could ask us to fund the restoration of the entrance masonry. To do this, you need to ensure that all three of the quotations for the masonry works have the same element broken down in their costings.

Supply 3 like-for-like quotations

You need to supply three up to date and like-for-like quotations or tenders covering all aspects of the work involved in the total project. We especially need to see the quotes broken down to show the specific aspects which you are asking Viridor Credits to fund. These must be dated within the last three months or they must be accompanied by a note from the contractor to confirm that they will remain valid for the length of the anticipated work.

To ensure that the project provides value for money any funding awarded will be based on the lowest quote supplied so please ensure that the quotes are correct and valid. You may choose to use one of the more expensive contractors if you wish but you will have to fund any shortfall yourself. If funding is awarded we will only pay for work covered by these quotes and contractors.

You must ensure that the quotations are comparable. For a play park, for example, we need to see three quotes for each item required and each aspect of work. Please do not send in quotes for different contractors designs as these invariably are not comparable.

The only circumstances by which you do not need to attach or supply three quotations is if your works are specialist. If your project requires specialist works, we would expect you to upload letters from contractors declining to quote for the project due to its specialist nature. 

Viridor Credits no longer accepts QS or architect's costings in place of full tenders or quotations.

Neither the applicant nor the Contributing Third Party payment provider may act as a contractor.



Is further funding still required?

If additional funding is required this will amount to the Overall Project Cost minus other funding already secured and the amount requested from Viridor Credits.

We need to know how you expect to bridge any funding shortfall and when you anticipate funds to be secured.

Although Viridor Credits is able to consider funding a project where all of the funding has not yet been secured, priority will be given to those projects which are ready to go. Therefore, it may be beneficial to ensure you have all other funding secured prior to applying to Viridor Credits. We require you to be as ready to start your project as possible due to our funding deadlines.

Proof of support for the project

You need to show how the local community support your project and so letters of support must be submitted with your application. Additional evidence may be emailed separately or posted to us. The letters do not need to be stamped and addressed, they need only to be either written or typed statements of support. Although these can come from 'authority' figures, we would expect the majority to come from the local community and current/potential users of your facility. Petitions of support may also be supplied.

Your application will be scored against how much community support you are able to show. For more information, click here.

Income generated as a result of Viridor Credits Funding

If the provision of funds from Viridor Credits results in the generation of new or additional income please let us know how much is expected, who will receive it and how it will be spent. This figure should only take into account how the Viridor Credits-funded elements will increase income.

Please be aware that any income generated by LCF or SLCF monies must be spent on the upkeep and maintenance of the amenity. This includes any Government grant for renewable energy.

What constitutes a Youth Volunteer?

A youth is someone who is between the ages of 16 and 25 when they start working on a project.

A volunteer is somebody who has offered their time to participate in the project and will receive nothing more than reasonable out-of-pocket expenses whilst carrying out works on the project site.

I clicked on "Lost password" but I have never received an email with a link to create a password.

3 possibilities :

- The email address you entered doesn't match any of the email addresses registered in our database. In this case, please check which email address you used to create your account (a confirmation email was initially sent to you), then click on "Lost password" and enter the correct email address.

- You have made a typing error when entering the email address to which the link to create a password must be sent. Click on "Lost password" and enter the correct email address.

- You haven't entered the correct email address when creating your account. Please contact the organisation for which you submitted, or you would like to submit, a request and ask them to replace the first email address with the correct email address.

Tip: If you have clicked more than once on "Lost password", only the last link received will be valid.

I clicked on "Lost password" but when I click on the link received by email, an error message is displayed.

If you have clicked more than once on "Lost password", only the last link received will be valid.

I click on "next screen" in the form but I am stuck on the same page.

If you use Internet Explorer 7 or 8, please try again with a more recent version (Internet Explorer from the 9th version) or with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.

How can I read the first part of my project I submitted again?

You can look over your project by :

- opening the PDF you received in the confirmation of reception email after you submitted your first part.

- going to "My account / Manage my requests" and by clicking on the link "view" under the first part of your project.

I have invited a contributor to complete my project, how do I know that he/she has logged into the interface and completed the part?

Once the person you invited will have completed her part and clicked on "validate and send", you will be immediately notified by email.

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